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21 septembre 2009


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Matthieu Hug

Your questions reflect indeed two of the most crucial questions when dealing with SaaS / Cloud.

Regarding the second issue, about data privacy, I believe there is no single nor simple answer. The only rule of thumb I guess is to avoid any emotional treatment of this issue, and concentrate on a comprehensive risk analysis and costing.

But the issue I'm primarily interested in is the first one, integration. That's critical, and yet not necessarily the first thing one would think about when buying SaaS or Cloud. Definitely not the first thing the average vendor tells you about; or it would be "yeah, we have web services", which is a minimum but hardly an answer to the integration issue. We at RunMyProcess (http://www.runmyprocess.com) provide one of the very first, and arguably the best, platform delivering exactly what you're speaking about: integration, using business process based approach (BPM). We offer a growing catalogue of 1,000+ connectors on a wide range of SaaS or on premise solutions (from Google Apps or Salesforce to SAP), we allow to mix classic IT integration with workflows (eg human interactions), and that's all provided "as a service", meaning no installation nor CAPEX. And guess what? we care a lot about ergonomy and usability, meaning that application building and deployment with our platform is usually considered astonishingly fast by our customers.

The great thing about SaaS is that you're no more obliged to believe the software vendors' bullsh... Regarding RunMyProcess you may as well register for a free account and test it. As a teaser ;-) I provide a link to a very simple demo movie http://tinyurl.com/nerl33

Best regards

Richard PEYNOT

Thank you Matthieu for your contribution, I appreciate.
I enjoyed the demo you mention. Interresting. I see it's about building new applications directly integrated with Salesforce and GoogleApps. Perfect. And this is likeky a new way for designing and implementing business processes. One issue I wanted to raise in my article is about companies that want to connect / integrate (whatever you call it) legacy applications like AS400 apps, Unix C or C++ apps, etc, to Cloud hosted apps.

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